Mylow electronic music producer


A jazz pianist caught in the body of a producer combined with a passion for mixing  weird electronic sounds with acoustic elements is what creates the characteristic sound of Mylow.

Mylow is a music producer from  Amsterdam. He started producing in his young teenage years and has been doing this ever since, driven by his passion for music.

For the past years Mylow has stood for abstract, deeply layered productions in which craftsmanship and storytelling are central themes. The sounds and ambiences create a space for the listener in which they can make up their own stories instead of handing it directly to them. It’s music of contrasts. The digital elements sound very lively and warm and the acoustic elements are processed to have a more artificial sound. This creates some interesting combinations. One aspect that really stands out in his music is the melodic and harmonic structure. This makes it very obvious why jazz is one of his biggest inspirations.

Mylow started 8 years ago as a DJ, playing at local parties. After some time he discovered the concept of making digital music. Since then he has been doing this non-stop with the idea of improving his skills. Mylow is currently studying at Rockacademie in Tilburg. This is an institute where other young musicians like him are given the tools and knowledge to take their production skills to the next level and become ready to participate in the music scene. Together with some friends which he met at Rockacademie he developed a live show for his music enabling people to listen to it in a live setting.