Based on his list of inspirations you would say he is a jazz pianist, in his mid fourties and a bit stuck in the past, but that’s not quiet true…  

Mylow is a young music producer from the Amsterdam area. He started producing in his young teenage years and has been doing this ever since, driven by his love for music.  For the past years Mylow has stood for melodic, funky productions in which you can hear his interests for jazz, soul and funk. He takes some elements out of these genres which he then combines with modern sounds and the result leads to his typical sound. One aspect that really stands out in his music is the melodic and harmonic aspect. Here you can truly hear the influences provided by jazz and soul.

Mylow started 8 years ago as a DJ, playing at local parties. After some time he discovered the concept of making music  digitally. Since then he has been doing this non-stop with the idea of improving his skills. Following his passion for music, Mylow is very busy at the moment studying at Rockacademie in Tilburg. This is an institute where other young musicians like him are being given the tools and knowledge to take their production skills to the next level and become ready to participate in the dance scene.

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