Mylow Melodika


This latest track, released on february 2022 has Jazz vibes but with a nice beat. The title refers to the instrument that is the main character in this song, the melodika.

Fun fact, Mylow loves to play with new sounds and constantly uses organic sounds in the tracks he digitaly composes. The melodika was a birthday gift Mylow received from his grandmother. Melodika thus can be marked as a homage to her.


Voyager is the EP that marked a new beginning for me in terms of music. It was one of the first times I actually felt like I found a concept in which I could really throw all my musical ideas and inspirations without having to compromise. It's a voyage through different musical ideas.


This is an EP that is a bit different from what I make these days. It was the first official release I had in my musical career and I am still proud of it. It is an early attempt of crossing the boundaries between jazz and dance music.